A New Game Approaches

Geometric Platformer 01

Following my last post about working more & caring less, today I will be starting a new project. It's going to be a very simple 2D geometric platformer with a heavy focus on gameplay. Keeping it simple means that I can spend very little time on the visuals while having them still feel polished. It also means that I can keep the development cycle short which is very important for this project specifically. Ideally, I plan to take no more than 5 weeks, so hopefully by the end of April I'll be able to start thinking about the next mini project and continue to grow as a developer.

What I plan to accomplish:

- Become comfortable with Corgi Engine and Ferr2D, tools I use within Unity.
- Have a fully playable game including a title screen / menu.
- Post the game online and get feedback.

Of course, I'll be posting updates here to keep you guys in the loop while also holding myself accountable. I hope you all enjoy taking this journey with me!