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Twenty Eighteen

Last year for me was a very exciting year. A lot of good things happened in my personal life, and I had a successful year at Snapchat. On the game development side of things, however, all was pretty quiet. That was 2017. Welcome to 2018, the year where dreams come true (read: where I actually try to push and follow through on my creative goals). Speaking of goals, I'm gonna touch on them in this post. I don't have everything perfectly planned out just yet, but that's all a part of the wave this year. I really want to have fun and grow as an artist and game developer, and in order to do that I feel like I need to be more open (to failure), more experimental, and just increase my output on a whole.

My main goals are a) to release a small game, b) attempt to build an audience, and c) make more art while evolving my design aesthetic. 

The beauty of these goals is that they are all tied in together. In order to actually release a game, I'll need to make art for it, and in order to get anyone to actually play the game, I'll have to build an audience. It's not all easy though. I want to do a lot more art not tied to anything at all, and I want to build an audience not just interested in one thing I make, but in me making things on a whole. So, while there's definitely some overlap, I'll still have to put in work on each goal individually.

Late last year, I started a newsletter (which you can subscribe to here). Between that, Twitter, and here on my blog, that's how I plan to connect with you all. My hope is that you'll find things that you like, things you want to share, and things that you can learn from. Ultimately, my hope is that you care, because even though I'm doing this for my own personal satisfaction, I'm also doing this for you. One of the reasons art exists is to enrich people's lives, and that's exactly what I want to do for you, friend. Follow me on my journey through 2018. Let's make magic together.

And please, please keep me accountable. If you see me slippin', call me out on it. It's kinda imperative that this year is my most productive one yet.

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