Indiecade East 2015

Though landing directly on Valentines Day Weekend, I somehow managed to make some time for IndieCade East this year. I hadn't planned to go originally because I didn't think I'd have the time, but at the last minute, plans were made (literally, I woke up on Saturday and decided I was gonna go) . I think a major influencer for me going was the fact that I had dinner with some cool devs and non-devs the night before. I only knew one of them beforehand (Rami Ismail) but I ended up meeting/re-meeting a handful of other really cool people. One of them worked on a game about an Octopus, another wears many, many hats. I even met (officially) a girl who likes to jam on trains. After hanging out with them and remembering just how fun and friendly the industry can be, I decided that it would be totally worth it to go, even just for a few hours.

There was a plethora of awesome games, ranging from small indie titles to big triple A titles from Sony and Nintendo. I had brought my Nexus 7 to demo Hecticube (or rather, an older build I had done for IGF). What was I even thinking, trying to show it off to people when I'm not even somebody special yet? Ah well. I ended up showing it to Ryan and Kevin (Hats and Ocotodad for those who aren't keeping up) and they seemed to dig it. They gave me some solid critiques on it too which since then I've implemented or at least tried (thanks gents!). I showed it to one other person who also enjoyed it and of course had his own ideas to implement (doesn't everyone?) and that was that. In retrospect, I should have been more bold and showed more people, but at least now I have a lesson to take from that experience - you are at a place with people who love games, Graham. Show your game to them and they'll gladly play it and tell you how much they like it/ how much it sucks. I think i'll definitely be going next year, and hopefully, I wont have to walk around with my tablet but will actually have a booth. Here's to high hopes :).