Work More, Care Less

Game development is hard, and I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. These two things together can make making a game truly impossible.

Since releasing my first solo game Hecticube in late 2015, I have been struggling to actually fully commit and complete another game. This is due to a combination of things going on in my life, but I'd argue that the biggest reason is simply that I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'm not good enough and that I'm just wasting my time. This isn't the early days of indie dev where only a handful of titles (good or otherwise) came out. This is 2017, where there are as many games coming out as there are gamers to play them. This only amplifies my desire for perfection - with hundreds of games coming out, how can I spend days, weeks, months, potentially even years on something that's only going to get buried under a mix of trash and treasure? I care too much about the work I put out for that to happen. So how do I solve this problem? How do I actually go about making and completing a game? The short answer is - I take some time to work more and care less.

I'm going to go on a making spree. I need to rapidly enhance my skills and fully familiarize myself with the game creation process before I can realistically be on the level I would like to be. Sadly I can't do a "game a day" type of thing, but I want to shift my focus to making as many bite-sized experiences as I can this year. My focus this year will not be about a making the best thing I can possibly make, nor will it be about marketing and selling a product. It will be about allowing myself to become comfortable with the creation process and getting better at various aspects of it. If this exercise proves to be successful, only then will I begin to care more again.