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From global Game Jam To Google Play.

In 2012, a group of friends and I decided to enter the Global Game Jam 2012 under the name ARRG Studios to create what is now known as Shapes and Sound: The Shape Shooter. What started as a rough idea in a 3 day game jam evolved into fantastic, fully fleshed out mobile game for android. I took the role of the Art Director and thus lead my team in defining the overall visual design of the game, including the creation of app elements, UI/UX design, animations and promotional images and videos. 

Feel free to download it over on Google Play.


Official Game Description

Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter is a 2D mobile game all about putting your hand-eye coordination, mental reflexes and periphery vision to the ultimate test. It is, at its core, an Ode to "old school-arcade box in old Mr. Joe's shop down the street-gaming; Think Rock-Paper-Scissors meets Asteroids. The game's minimalistic design and soothing sounds makes it both highly relaxing and highly addicting.You have been warned.

Players interact with an Above Top Secret military console dubbed “The Shape Shooter.” Operating on a system akin to rock-paper-scissors, the central shape is able to switch on the fly in order to be effective against other enemy types. Rack up your high-score as you survive wave after wave of incoming pointed- triangles, hard-as-nails squares and ornery circles.




Gameplay Trailer