I have been working in the Motion Graphics industry since I graduated from SCAD in 2012. I moved from my parents' house in Jamaica to an attic in someone's house in NYC and began an internship at a company called Spontaneous. Six months later, I left them (and the attic, too) and went out on my own as a  freelance motion graphics designer and animator. It was scary, unknown territory, but it was absolutely worth it. I grew in several ways; I definitely expanded my portfolio, I essentially created a network for myself, and I think it made me become a complete adult faster than anything else in life has. As of today, I've been freelancing for 2 and a half years, and now I'm finally ready to tackle something new. Back in February, Snapchat...

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This post will be somewhat unique in that I'm going to be writing it, posting it and then updating it as the game jam goes on. I'll even have time stamps and everything so that it's easy to follow along with my little journey right through to the end.

Fri. 1:53PM
Global Game Jam 2015. This is my first game jam developing a game (my first game jam ever, I did the visuals for Shapes & Sound in 2012) so I'm pretty excited! The theme wont be told to us until 5PM, and wont be publicly announced until 5PM in Hawaii (i.e. the last "5PM" for the day) so I'm just here waiting and getting myself even more pumped for the event. I'm actually at work until 7 and wont be home until an hour after that, so i'll be off to a slightly late start, but not to worry, I'll just have a lot of time to conceptualize. I kinda of know what I want to make already but that may change once the theme drops. I'd love to make a simple side scrolling narrative driven game or something akin to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but we'll see...

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While attending SCAD, my friends and I discovered Cargo Collective - a pretty awesome portfolio website - and since then most of us have stuck with it. That was back in 2011 or maybe even 2010, I forget. Since then, I have done a lot more than just motion graphics and I feel like I have outgrown Cargo. Here enters Squarespace...

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It’s about that time to finally, finally start learning Unity and become one step closer to being a full blown game developer. I already have some ideas brewing, but I of course can’t do anything with them if I don’t learn how to at least prototype them first. Maybe when I get somewhere comfortable, I’ll get someone / a team to help me flesh out the game, or maybe I will fall in love with coding and be a one man powerhouse! Who knows? Maybe both can happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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I have a passion for motion graphics. I love designing, and I love animating too. The entire creative process is magical, really. Currently, that’s my job - to design and/or animate breathtaking (and sometimes quite the opposite) visual experiences to captivate, inform and communicate something to various audiences. However, this is not my only passion.

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