It’s about that time to finally, finally start learning Unity and become one step closer to being a full blown game developer. I already have some ideas brewing, but I of course can’t do anything with them if I don’t learn how to at least prototype them first. Maybe when I get somewhere comfortable, I’ll get someone / a team to help me flesh out the game, or maybe I will fall in love with coding and be a one man powerhouse! Who knows? Maybe both can happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Of course, the internet is a cornucopia of knowledge and there are already hundreds of Unity tutorials. That in itself can be kind of intimidating. Fortunately, I found one which seems to be a super all inclusive (and more importantly, free) course called Walker Boys Studio which I’ll be going through video by video, day by day. I’m not sure if and where you can find a more extensive and in depth tutorial series for free online. They have dozens of hours of video, and they even help you out if you need it (though I haven’t tried to contact them just yet, so who knows really?). I just know that I have to start somewhere, and this shall be my Unity point of origin.

What’s that I hear? Sounds like Graham is about to start learning. Class is officially in session.