While attending SCAD, my friends and I discovered Cargo Collective - a pretty awesome portfolio website - and since then most of us have stuck with it. That was back in 2011 or maybe even 2010, I forget. Since then, I have done a lot more than just motion graphics and I feel like I have outgrown Cargo. Here enters Squarespace. 

Squarespace has allowed me to have a home for all my endeavors without any of them feeling out if place. Since I have taken on game design, I now have a place to put game design stuff. I can have more than one blog under one roof. Also, it allowed me to create this new, sleek design. I started with a photoshop mockup and to my surprise, Squarespace had me covered. With a few tweaks of a theme and some help from my favourite Web Designer, I could finally, fully realize my vision for my online presence.

I hope you all feel at welcomed as you browse my new online space. Make yourself at home.