I have been working in the Motion Graphics industry since I graduated from SCAD in 2012. I moved from my parents' house in Jamaica to an attic in someone's house in NYC and began an internship at a company called Spontaneous. Six months later, I left them (and the attic, too) and went out on my own as a  freelance motion graphics designer and animator. It was scary, unknown territory, but it was absolutely worth it. I grew in several ways; I definitely expanded my portfolio, I essentially created a network for myself, and I think it made me become a complete adult faster than anything else in life has. As of today, I've been freelancing for 2 and a half years, and now I'm finally ready to tackle something new.

Back in February, Snapchat launched a new section of their app called Discover. It's essentially a section where several companies have a channel consisting of editorial and video content. The companies range from news outlets like CNN and Yahoo News to entertainment ones such as Comedy Central and Warner Bros Music Group. Of course, right in the middle, Snapchat has its own channel.



The moment they launched it, they realized that they needed an Editorial Designer to create what they like to call Top Snaps (you can think of them as cover images/videos for a magazine articles) and do other content related to Discover. This is where I come in. A friend I have who works in the LA office had recommended me for the job, and out of everybody else (I have no idea how many people were considered) they chose me. I am proud to say that I accepted a staff position as an Editorial Designer for Snapchat, and I am extremely excited and equally nervous about this brand new world that I'm entering into. This will be my first staff job, so I'll have to adapt a ton, but there are a plethora of advantages as well that I'm looking forward to without a doubt.

Make sure to download the Snapchat app and add me @GrahamOfLegend. Even if you don't add me, you can still see my work on Snapchat's Discover channel :).