This post will be somewhat unique in that I'm going to be writing it, posting it and then updating it as the game jam goes on. I'll even have time stamps and everything so that it's easy to follow along with my little journey right through to the end.

Fri. 2:00PM - Update 01 
Global Game Jam 2015. This is my first game jam developing a game (my first game jam ever, I did the visuals for Shapes & Sound in 2012) so I'm pretty excited! The theme wont be told to us until 5PM, and wont be publicly announced until 5PM in Hawaii (i.e. the last "5PM" for the day) so I'm just here waiting and getting myself even more pumped for the event. I'm actually at work until 7 and wont be home until an hour after that, so i'll be off to a slightly late start, but not to worry, I'll just have a lot of time to conceptualize. I kinda know what I want to make already but that may change once the theme drops. I'd love to make a simple side scrolling narrative driven game or something akin to Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, but we'll see.


Fri. 5:09PM - Update 02 
Just learned the theme this year (I cannot disclose the theme publicly until 5PM HST, so I'll update this part with the theme later). It's quite interesting. Time to let my mind off its leash and let the creativity flow. I already have an idea of how I'll make it work, especially with the side scrolling narrative driven game, so that has me feeling pretty good about it. I'm still at work for another 2 hours minimum though, so I can't really get to work on it until maybe 9ish?


Fri. 10:00PM - Update 03

I'm home, and it's also 10PM (5PM HST). That means that I can safely say what the theme is. The theme for this year "What do we do now?"... Wait... What?! What do I do now? Haha fortunately, what I was thinking about before can work for this theme. My idea is to make a simple 2D point and click game with very little instruction, thus prompting the user to think to themselves, "What do we do now?" Global Game Jam also offers diversifiers which are there to help you to limit/constrict you. Of all the options, I decided to go with "Stephen Hawking Can Play This: In the game everything (including any menus) can be navigated with one button, without any need for quick / precisely timed presses." To achieve that, my "one button" will be the mouse. Hey, they never said I couldn't move the mouse, right? I have no idea what the story / objective is going to be, but I'll figure it out as I go along :). At some point, I'll ask myself "What do I do now?" and maybe, that in itself will satisfy the needs of this year's theme.


Sat. 12:54AM - Update 04

My mind has completely shut down. I have no idea what to do as my initial thoughts were way too grand for (less than) 48 hours... What do I do now?


Sat. 1:39AM - Update 05

This theme is a lot more tricky than I had initially thought. Thinking about it again now, the subject is not an "I", but a "we", which means that I have been thinking about it all wrong for the past 8 hours haha. Ah well, I have 40 more, right?


Sat. 5:44AM - Update 05



Sat. 8:03AM - Update 06

Sorry about that... I fell asleep while trying to formulate a master plan. I woke up and had a Eureka moment though! The theme is "What do we do now?" right? So instead of trying to make a game based on making the players ask themselves that question, I simply answered it for them and I'll make a game based on my answer. What do we do now, you ask? You run.


Sat. 10:15AM - Update 07

I'm making a simple side scrolling platformer. It's more of an interactive narrative sequence than a platformer (due to the lack of platforms) but you can run and jump, so I'm just going to call it a platformer for now. I changed the diversifier I am using too from "Stephen Hawking Can Play This" to "Public Domain Class Of 2015" which means that my game had to be somehow based off of works that entered the public domain this year. I chose George Herriman who was a 


Sat. 4:37PM - Update 8 

I spent a good amount of time animating the character and I learned how to make and utilize sprite sheets. This is actually pretty fun! I definitely want to make an actual side scrolling game at some point now. Maybe I'll even get to collaborate with someone who is way better at doing this kind of frame by frame animation than I am. But for now though, my little animation will have to do :)

Also, I'm definitely down for all game jams now as long as I have the time to partake in them. I've learned a lot in this session so far and plan to do more for the rest of the time.


Sun. 10:09AM - Update 9

I got a lot done yesterday (clearly, since I only really started working yesterday). I have my character working; it moves left, right, and jumps. Also I have a base level already made, so now I just need to flesh it our and add some lines of code to animate the camera.


Sun. 4:00PM - Update 10

Because this is a 48 hour Jam, of course, whatever you decide to make may or may not be (but probably will be) too big of a scope, even if you think it is small. Needless to say, mine was too big for my solo capabilities and so I had to make it a MUCH smaller experience. In the end though, my girlfriend and other friends who I showed little glimpses of the game gave me suggestions on what they thought they'd want to be in the game (or, "what they would do now") and it sparked some ideas to make it evolve into a finished little experience. It's not done now, within the 48 hour deadline, but I'm gonna take the rest of the night to finish it anyway.


Sun. 5:02PM - Update 11

I present to you with my earliest version of my GGJ15 entry - Forest of Fears. It's a simple one screen game where you have to survive in a forest filled with your fears. I'll upload a playable version a little later once I actually "finish" it ;).

Forest of Fears_01.jpg